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Year 4

Forest Christmas Party Fun! πŸŽ„

Christmas dinner in the Forest kitchen. Panto at the theatre. Decorations for the tree.

Willow Star Christmas Decorations ! ⭐️ Knot Refinement! πŸͺ’

Flint and Steel Skills πŸ”₯

Making Pudsey Bear wood cookie necklaces for Children in Need & a popcorn 🍿 campfire.

Poppy art for Remembrance using forest flora and fauna. 🍁

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Art πŸ”₯

Forest Mandala Art 🍁

An Egyptian apothecary session today distilling forest fruits πŸ‡ , local flowers, aromatic woods πŸ’ & natural ingredients in to perfume.

Apple pressing workshop for harvest. 🍎

Flint and steel skills today with some team building activities. πŸ”₯

Autumnal self portraits, whittling & our first s’mores of the year ! πŸ‚

Cooking for our hedgehogs πŸ¦” and building squirrel 🐿 🏠 homes!

First forest of the year! 🌳