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The Twits | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 📚🐒🐒🐒🐒

Our latest yoga adventure is inspired by the brilliant Roald Dahl story, The Twits.

Saint George and the Dragon

A princess is chosen to be offered to a dragon until a mighty soldier called George arrives and decides to fight the dragon.

Draw Along Tuesday - How To Draw A Rocket

This is a fun lesson focusing on primary colors, basic shapes, and cutting things out ...

Foundation Subjects

Religion - Holidays and Holydays

The Key Words for this topic are

holiday, holyday, Apostles, help, Pentecost, promise, Holy Spirit, guide, Resurrection, alleluia

Write the words in your book using bubble writing, fancy writing, staircase writing or rainbow writing.

Talk to a grown up about what the words mean. 

Science - Seasonal Change

If you go out for a walk this week, look for any signs of Spring that are appearing.

blossoms, buds, bees, bluebells, tadpoles, daffodils, butterflies, dandelions

When you are back at home, draw pictures of what you saw. 


Our new topic for this term is SPACE!

Watch the video about The Solar System

Try to learn the order of the planets in The Solar System. This song might help you.

Complete the sheet below or draw the pictures in your book. 

Computing - Maze Explorers

Log in to Purple Mash and click on to 2Dos in the top left hand corner (photo attached). 
Click on the 'Challenge' button and select Challenge 1. Use the arrows to complete each challenge. 
Remember to click 'Hand In' when you have finished and leave me a message or emoji in the text box.


Create a showcase piece of work for the end of the half term.  

Your piece of work should be about SPACE. 

You could;

  • Create a poster about one or all of the planets. 
  • Make your own Solar System using craft materials.
  • Use Lego to create a rocket. 
  • Design a new uniform for an astronaut. 
  • Make a fact file about a famous astronaut. 
  • Create a timeline about the history of space travel. 

Or come up with your own amazing idea.


Please send me a photo of your completed showcase piece by Thursday 21st May and we will have a Grand Reveal of all the 'out of this world' work on Friday 22nd May.