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We’re proud to announce that we have become a GoBubble school in an aim to introduce our children in the world of social media in a safe and secure way.


GoBubble is just for schools and under 13s. It’s been awarded a PEGI 3 (the highest standard) and has been created by teachers, former police and the award winning online safety experts – eCadets.


Security features include:

  • The age of every child is verified by a teacher at a GoBubble school
  • You log in to the website to give your consent for your child’s account
  • You can see the content your child produces
  • All content is moderated by eCadets HQ, so it reduces the risk of bullying, inappropriate images or any of the problems from other social media
  • If there are any problems on your child’s account you will be notified directly by the eCadets HQ team
  • There are no in app purchases or adverts targeting the children.


GoBubble is a safe playground where children can learn digital skills and you have complete peace-of-mind they are safe and secure.


The web version is 100% free for use at home.


This is completely optional and if you would prefer your child not to be involved that is absolutely fine and I can close their account. 


Social media can be a minefield and we are hoping that GoBubble will introduce it to your child in a controlled environment ...


Any worries, concerns or issues, please let us know! As parents ourselves, we understand what a huge concern the online world can be for our children and will always approach with caution.