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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.

Mrs Scully

Mrs Mortimer

Mrs Borrelli

Mrs Khan

No Pens Wednesday - Handwriting

No Pens Wednesday - Handwriting 1
No Pens Wednesday - Handwriting 2
No Pens Wednesday - Handwriting 3
No Pens Wednesday - Handwriting 4

No Pens Wednesday - Outdoor Maths

No Pens Wednesday - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Autumn Half Term Learning Ideas

Farmer Pete Number Bonds Song

Our Local Area

Talk to your child about their route to school - draw a map if you wish.

What jobs do people have in our local area?

Which places have you visited? - shops, parks, relatives houses etc. 

Our Local Area

This week's spelling stars!

This week's spelling stars! 1

Our '5W' Winners

Our '5W' Winners 1
Our '5W' Winners 2
Our '5W' Winners 3
Our '5W' Winners 4
Our '5W' Winners 5

Playground Games

Playground Games 1
Playground Games 2
Playground Games 3
Playground Games 4
Playground Games 5
Playground Games 6
Playground Games 7

24.9.19 Planting Beans

16.9.19 Performance Poetry - How can we help our world?

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10.9.19 Sorting objects and counting groups