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Our Priorities in our Strategic Improvement Plan

Whilst we consider our curriculum to be embedded and something to be proud of, we are committed to continue to build the arts profile within the school, ensuring that links are made to every subject area.  We encourage all staff to embark on every opportunity to express and teach each subject through the arts where possible, thus ensuring the needs of all children are met. 


We are very well resourced, which enables us to provide an ever-changing and dynamic curriculum that ensure our children are exposed to a wide variety of approaches, methodologies, and inspirations.  We recognise that there are opportunities to extend and strengthen current links and expand even further. 


We aim to use this journey as an opportunity to build partnerships further afield. We would like to reach out to universities to provide inspiration and future goals to our students; to show them how art beyond primary school can look and feel. We endeavour to build upon relationships that are in their infancy, such as with local art galleries and artists, Burrs Country Park, Bury Met Theatre and Bury Music. 


The Artsmark award will support our school improvement plan’s priorities which include to continue to embed the ‘GA Own Grown Curriculum’, to enhance the learning of all pupils to ensure ‘no child is left behind’ and facilitate the school website to celebrate the arts opportunities within school whilst also making links and working closely with artists and art galleries. 


This journey will ensure that our bespoke curriculum is fully embedded and celebrated and the culture capital for all pupils is widened and becomes the normal expectation for our school.  We aim to be able to widen our offer for cultural entitlement; to give each child a fully enriched experience throughout their years in our school.  The Arts Mark Award would allow us to focus on enhancing all our children’s experiences, with the aim to engage every single child through a broad ranging offer. 


This journey will provide an opportunity to focus on our quality principles and allow us to self-assess to ensure continual improvement.  From this self-assessment, we will be able to map our own priorities and ensure these are aligned with the School Improvement Plan and the needs of our children. 


We are so proud of our offer and the progress we are going to make - we want to use the Artsmark journey to celebrate all we are and all we have but with more to come.  It is our ambition that through the Artsmark journey, along with our SIP, we will ensure that creativity runs through the heart of our school which we believe will enhance the development of the whole child resulting in each individual believing that every child can be an artist. 


With an ever increasing need to have a keen awareness of mental well-being, we want to use this opportunity to broaden the offer we already have.  This will enable us to highlight areas that will benefit our children and opportunities to ensure every child finds a place of joy and happiness in school. Through the arts, we can celebrate children who may otherwise struggle in other areas of school life.