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Guardian Angels' Roman Catholic Primary School

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Covid Recovery Agenda


Guardians of the Forest

Where we grow, alongside nature.

We believe that the Forest School ethos, offers the perfect setting to support our children in recovering from the recent pandemic.



Forest School is a nurturing environment where the children have the freedom to choose their learning and with whom.



Forest School allows children to talk about their experiences in an open, safe environment.  They are able to release energy and negative feelings.


Transparent Curriculum

Every child will need to deal with a feeling of loss of learning and concern over gaps in their education. 


Forest School enables children to work together with educators to address and heal this sense of loss they may feel and provide a pathway they can see and understand.



We aim to develops character education and can rebuild the confidence of our children.



The child-initiated aspect, freedom to explore and open, fresh air, enables children to connect to nature and increase their sense of wellbeing.


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Children are mentally supported by being in nature of a significant period.  It reduces the stress hormone cortisone and improves mood.  Unless wellbeing is balanced, limited curriculum learning can take place.

  • Serotonin – through release, meditation, run in nature, grounding, sun exposure.
  • Endorphins-laughter and play
  • Oxytocin – connection
  • Dopamine-reward small achievements