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Project 3 - School Grounds

Improving our setting for students, staff, plants, animals, and insects.


Thank you to Ernest Cook Trust for their 'Outdoor Essentials Grant' of £500 to support our 'Nature and Nurture' project to improve our local environment.


We are planning to improve the land surrounding school by planting trees, rewilding and providing wildflowers for biodiversity.



Plans for improving the land beside the gate on Melrose Avenue


The Committee has checked that the land is not privately owned.

She has also got an agreement for a grant from a local firm who will help with costs.

Wickes have a scheme to help local projects.

We have the support of a Development Officer from Bury who may be able to help with clearing the land.

A wildflower/spring bulb trail now leads from the school gate to the allotment gate.


Next steps

There is a working party day planned for allotment holders to work on the land.

Once the land has been cleared , the children can be involved in building and planting the garden.

Diggle Lane will provide some plants.

On June 1st there will be an Open Day/plant sale at the allotments. 

Our plot will host a petting farm(!) and there will be a small charge to come in. Proceeds will go towards the project.

It is anticipated that the main costs will be building a framework and getting enough topsoil-school will use their grant for this.

Vision Board 🌸

This was the land before we gave it a makeover. Unloved and unsafe.

Our Reception class began to clear the land

Our Eco Angels then got to work 💪🏼

We encourage biodiversity on our land 🐸

Planting 55 saplings with ‘City of Trees’ charity to develop woodland, increase wildlife and develop biodiversity. 🌳

Gardening projects round school 🌸