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Boys' 5aside

Monday 13th June 2021 Group 3 @ Bury Grammar 


  • Holcombe Brook A
  • Guardian Angels
  • St Thomas
  • Summerseat
  • St Margaret’s



We won 3-0, 2-0 and 0-0!  Great work team!!

Bury Five-a-side Rules

  • Squads of up to eight players allowed. Children can be chosen from Years 3 to 6.
  • Each game to begin with a kick off in the centre circle.
  • Each game consists of two halves lasting 3 minutes.
  • All players ARE allowed inside the area (their own and that of the opposition). This is to increase the size of the playing area, as well as hopefully reduce the number of penalties given. However: players ARE NOT ALLOWED to score whilst inside the area.
  • The goalkeeper is not allowed out of the area. If a goalkeeper continually leaves the area a free kick is given 2 metres outside the area (discretion should be used by the referee).
  • The ‘Over head height’ rule NO LONGER APPLIES.
  • Opposition players must retreat to the half way line when play is re-started with goal kick from the floor. At other times, the goalkeeper is allowed to roll or pass the ball out. There will be NO goal kicks out of the keeper’s hands. Long over-arm throws from the keeper that replicate a kick from the hands are NOT allowed.
  • All free kicks are direct. Defenders must be at least 2 metres from the ball.
  • Free kicks are given for foul play and unsporting conduct.
  • Throw-ins are to be replaced with ‘kick ins’. Shots from these kick offs are NOT allowed – you cannot score directly from a kick in.
  • Back passes ARE allowed.
  • At corners defenders must stand at least 2 metres away.
  • Rolling substitutes are allowed with the acknowledgement of the referee.
  • Teachers are responsible for the behaviour of their pupils and parents. Any unacceptable behaviour could result in the team’s expulsion from the event and any future BJSSA events.
  • During the knockout stages on Finals night each game will last for two halves of 3 minutes a half.
  • Extra time of two minutes to be played if scores level at full-time. NO Golden Goal.
  • If scores are still level after extra time then one player is removed each minute until only the goalkeeper and TWO outfield players are left. If the scores remain level then a penalty shootout will decide the result.