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Lego Therapy

At Guardian Angels' we are extremely privileged to have specialist staff. Some of these staff have received training in a variety of wonderful and inspiring interventions to support the children in reaching their potential.  So as a school we are very lucky to introduce a Lego Club as an intervention.    


Ground-breaking research in Lego Club has been pioneered by innovative and creative researchers who have shown that significant gains can be made in social development through LEGO play.


In LEGO therapy, building materials are used as vehicle for increasing motivation to participate in verbal and non-verbal communication, joint attention, task focus, sharing and turn-taking and collaborative problem-solving. 


The children have a job role to carry out and at each session the children have an opportunity to change roles and experience the different skills that each role offers. 


The roles that the children chose from are;

  • Engineer – oversees the design and makes sure instructions are followed

  • Builder – puts the bricks together
  • Supplier – keeps track of the type and colour of bricks that are needed and gives the bricks to the builder


The children participating in LEGO Club have gained different skills and have grown in confidence since joining the group. 


Here are just a few words from some of the children on what they think about Lego Club...


 “Lego Club is fun because you get better at Lego but it’s good for communication with others.”


“I like Lego Club because like building things and like doing jobs.  Everyone has different jobs but I like being the builder best! We are learning to help each other like when it is hard to put on the stickers.  I like working with everyone in my group and we are making an ice cream van now!”


“It is the best club in history.  It is very organized and fun and I like being the builder!”


“I like Lego Club because it is fun and the people in it are funny and great builders.  There are jobs in Lego club like engineer, supplier and builder.  The engineer describes and the supplier gives the bricks to the builder and the builder builds.  We change each week so we can all have a turn at different jobs!”