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Summer Term Home Learning French Challenge Week 5!


Take a virtual trip to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France and learn about some great works of art from home! 


Raphael, Mona, and Nabi are 3 cartoon characters who react to some works of art from the world’s largest art museum in Paris, France: “The Louvre”. They invite children (and their parents) to spend one minute with them in front of a painting, sculpture, or antique vase, and to learn a little more about art. Please click on the link below to watch some short videos on the Louvre Museum playlist “One Minute in a Museum”:


Follow on activities:

1.What was your favourite work of art and why?

2. Click on the link below to learn a few facts about The Louvre Museum:ée_du_Louvre

3. Test your knowledge! Click on the link below to complete an online quiz about The Louvre:


Bon courage !

(Good luck)


Madame Birtwistle 

English - The House on the Hill Prompt