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Friendship Cards

Friendship Cards 1 Charlie's card from Zachary.
Friendship Cards 2 Jasmine's card from Tallulah.
Friendship Cards 3 Libby's card from Alessandro.
Friendship Cards 4 Ellie's card from Pheobe.
Friendship Cards 5 Louie's card from James.
Friendship Cards 6 Oscar's card from Noah.
Friendship Cards 7 Toby's card from Jasmine.
Friendship Cards 8 Elucha's card from Toby.
Friendship Cards 9 Amelia's card from Oscar.
Friendship Cards 10 Evie's card from Fergus.
Friendship Cards 11 Zach's card.
Picture 1 Amelia's amazing vehicles
Picture 2 Super transport!
Picture 3 Jacob's really pleased with his great work.
Picture 4 Jacob D's super story.
Picture 5 Amelia's family had fun baking together.
Picture 6 Jacob loved drawing Fred Bear.
Picture 7 Sophie sent a message to everyone watching RWI.
Picture 8 Charlie has been learning how to tell the time!
Picture 9 Ellie made a car!
Picture 10 Amelia isn't happy that her mum beat her score!
Picture 11 Look at Oscar's beautiful work!
Picture 12 Luke's Religion work is fabulous!
Picture 13 Niamh has done beautiful Religion work.
Picture 14 Charlie has been reading his RWI eBook.
Picture 15 In 1 minute, Jasmine built a 20 block tower.
Picture 16 One of Evie's favourite books.
Picture 17 Evie's book review.
Picture 18 How delicious do Lydia and Elliott's cakes look?
Picture 19 Jacob went on a scavenger hunt with Lucy.
Picture 20 Fergus made an amazing Lego model.
Picture 21 Evie's delicious cupcakes! Yum!
Picture 22 Look at Sophie's amazing picture!
Picture 23 Charlie made a Lego log flume!
Picture 24 Ellie is an amazing baker!
Picture 25 Look at Zachary's model.
Picture 26 Libby went to feed the birds.
Picture 27 A lovely day for skimming stones.
Picture 28 Zachary has been busy with Lego.
Picture 29 Jacob's yummy cakes!
Picture 30 Max's Marvellous Maths
Picture 31 A super car, Jacob!
Picture 32 Delicious cakes made by Zachary.
Picture 33 Jasmine loves Stick Man.
Picture 34 Charlie's rocket is out of this world!
Picture 35 Lily went out to feed the horses.
Picture 36 James' maths challenge for his mummy.
Picture 37 Lily had a fun weekend crafting.
Picture 38 Zachary has been enjoying the sunshine.