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League Tables 8.4.20 2:30pm

Draw the Easter Bunny

Amelia's Easter Story cross.
Fergus made a Palm Sunday paper cross.
Look at Amelia's Holy Week bookmarks.
Oscar's beautiful Easter cross.
Evie made an Easter shop!
Sophie's family are preparing for Easter.
Esme's lovely Holy Week work.
Sophie has been busy with her Lego!
Look at Luke's amazing writing!
Libby has been busy with her Lego.
Niamh is relaxing after working hard!
Amelia made a beautiful Prayer Garden for Easter.
Jasmine's double decker house car!
Libby made yummy Easter cakes.
Look what Toby made.
Louie's super handprint Palm Leaves.
Lily made Mrs Khan's cakes! Yum!
Zachary's paper Palm Leaves.
Toby and George having fun in the sun!
Oscar coloured his butterfly using Maths!
Be careful, boys,
Zachary made his own bread...
...look! Looks yummy!
Lily has been working so hard on Spelling Shed.
Ellie wanted to say hi to her friends.
Fergus has been enjoying reading Star Wars books.
Luke and Niamh's wonderful Easter Cross.
Amelia made lovely lanterns.
Crafting with the Clarksons!
How good does Amelia's pie look?
Lilly's super spelling!
Evie is a word search whizz!
Elucha's 'egg'cellent Easter bonnet.
Charlie's Holy Week gifts for family and friends.