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Introducing our Eco~Angels in Whole School Assembly 👋

Introducing our new Eco-Angels with their new roles and responsibilities ! 

Ronnie ~ Lead Gardener

Nula ~ Forest Lead 

Lucea ~ Litter Picker

Oliver ~ Recycling Monitor 

Sienna B ~ Lead Gardener

Georgia ~ Recycling Monitor

Grace H ~ Secretary 

Olivia ~ Lead Gardener

Lorell ~ Vice Chair

Daisy ~ Lead Litter Picker

Joshua ~ Chair 



  • Chair-Leads the meeting and keeps discussion in order
  • Vice Chair-Supports the initiative led by the Chair and shares responsibilities
  • Secretary -Takes minutes of the meeting
  • Paper Bin Monitors-Ensures all classroom bins are recycled weekly at the least
  • Forest School Tidy Up Squad-Responsible for making sure Forest School is safe from litter (due to being situated near housing and roads)
  • Planter Grooming Squad -water sensory plants which were planted by the Eco Committee in Summer 2021.  Pull off dead leaves and dead-head them
  • Lead Litter Picker 
  • Litter Pickers-Use litter picking equipment at lunch times to ensure school grounds stay clear of rubbish

Our first official meeting

The Eco-Angels will be involved in 3 initiatives this year;

  • promoting active travel through our School Street,
  • making our forest bio-diverse by creating a mini-pond and
  • enhancing the school grounds through litter reduction and gardening. 


We will then apply for the Eco-Mark with Distinction in the summer term.


We will meet on Thursdays @ 12.30 in The Hub and next half term we will meet after school on Wednesdays at 3pm.

♻️ Our Eco Code ~ based on sustainability ♻️

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Uniform swap ~ bring in your old uniform to be reused

Donate books you have read for others to enjoy !

Whole School Laudato Si Week ~ Caring for our Common Home 🕊️

Our children look fantastic today, dressed as Guardians of the Globe!

Bring in your batteries for us to recycle ! ♻️

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🌲 School trip identifying trees and considering Climate Change with our local Art Gallery 🌲

Feedback from Eco Schools!


huge congratulations to our Eco Angels who have been committed to making environmental changes and awarded the highest grade - Eco Schools Green Flag with DISTINCTION!!


The feedback was wonderfully received and we were told that the work of our team was of the highest standards nationally, which will now be shared with other schools in England, as examples of best practice.
We are enormously proud and feedback like this is a reminder to us of why we do, what we do.
Here are a few snippets...
…what an impressive group of young people you have selected for your Eco-Committee, young people like yours give us a lot of hope for the future – you’ve gathered a strong group of future leaders!
Especially well done to Grace, who took charge of meeting minutes - the examples uploaded are fantastic – some of the best minutes the Eco-Schools Team have ever seen (including minutes taken by teachers)!
The pupil quote uploaded: ‘I wanted to make our world a better place and could start by making a difference in our school,’ is wonderful, it is incredibly mature and insightful – if everyone shared this attitude, the colossal difference it would make would be enough to prevent any further damage to our planet. The young person who provided this is a fantastic ambassador for your school and our programme.
The projects you have decided on are ambitious and impactful, it’s a very strong Action Plan with a real highlight being your promotion of active travel through becoming a school street, this is a massive achievement, and you are most definitely a leader in this national movement. You mentioned encouraging your school community to travel sustainably has been your biggest challenge, but change can take time and as you continue to use your tracker and promote active travel, we have no doubt that over time you will embed a culture of sustainable transport into your school.
It's a great idea to link your Eco-Schools work to Pope Francis’ letter, planning a whole school themed week. Organising learning events like this makes environmental education inclusive, fun, and celebratory and is something we heartily recommend to all Eco-Schools. Your learning examples cover subjects which require a little more thought to link environmental issues too, so well done on your creativity! The examples themselves are brilliant, you have really used environmental issues to add an engaging, real-life context to learning in your school and this will enrich pupil’s education whilst helping them understand the threats our planet faces!
Your digital Eco-Board documents your journey brilliantly – it is another fantastic example to all other Eco-Schools, and the fact that it is on your website again demonstrates the importance Guardian Angels places on environmental education and youth-led action.
It’s really clear that your Eco-Schools work benefits not just your school, but also your local community and this is a massive achievement – Bury is very lucky to have a school with such dedicated pupils and staff members.