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Lockdown Resources

Here are some challenges to keep you active at home!

January 2021

Summer 2020

Congratulations for keeping active throughout lockdown ! Our daily exercise allowance of an our a day, has been enormously welcomed!

You are amazing!  This badge is for you!


Can you remember all the wonderful ways you kept fit in lockdown?

The year we stayed home to stay safe and protect our NHS!


  • Joe Wicks- 9am Morning Workout on YouTube
  • Garden circuits
  • Completing the ‘Personal Challenge Passport’
  • Go Noodle subscriptions for those rainy days
  • Bleep Test Challenge in the garden - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz2m1PJ0gj4
  • Maths on the Move Treasure Hunt
  • PE- Design your own obstacle training course. Make of video of your training.
  • Outdoor walk daily challenge eg See a butterfly, touch your toes
  • Primary League Primary Stars- Skills for Maths and English based on - https://plprimarystars.com/for-families/play-game
  • Can you keep up with Lingard’s 40 minute workout? Manchester United midfielder Jess Lingard’s 40-minute workout consists of three rounds of four sets of exercises, including cardio, core and overall strength, with a bonus round if you can hack it!  https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/52480996
  • School Games - 60 second challenges
  • GM Games Campaign – Stay Home, Stay Active – weekly overview
  • National Schools Sports Week-Youth Sport Trust / Sky Sports
  • Virtual Sports Day
  • The School Games Active Championships using the Top Ya Sports Challenge App
  • Apply for the Blue Peter Sports Badge and apply to be Sports Personality of the Year Judge
  • Key Workers- produced a guide to being a playleader- advice, tips, what the role involves...