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Building a Working Electrical Circuits

Exploring and experimenting with the equipment

Predicting what we think about electricity

Living Things and their Habitats


21.4.22 - We went into forest school and looked for different minibeasts 


26.4.22 - The characteristics of Living Things

What makes a living thing?

The seven life processes

27.4.22 - First we sorted vertebrates and invertebrates

Then we sorted the vertebrates into five groups - mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians

28.4.22 - We found invertebrates on the playground. The we named them using a classification key and sorted them into different groups.

5.5.22 - We found flowering plants, drew observations of them and found out their names

11.5.22 - We looked at different living things and created classification keys to identify and name them

Then we created our own classification key for different plants 🌺

In pairs, we made classification keys online to identify different invertebrates

23.5.22 - In groups we researched the affects of changes in the environment on a variety of animals. We then shared what we found out with the rest of the class.