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Year 3 class trip to Bolton Museum to consolidate our learning on The Ancient Egyptians

We used an atlas to locate two cities; Luxor and Cairo in Egypt. We also found and plotted the River Nile, The Red Sea, The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens. We discovered that Egypt is in the continent Africa.

Walk like an Egyptian dance

Locate Egypt on a map - We discussed when Ancient Egypt began and plotted it on our class timeline. We then used the features of an atlas to locate which content Egypt was in. We also found where the capital city Cairo was. We plotted the city Luxor, The Valley of the Kings, The Valley of the Queens and The River Nile. Our challenge was to find the Red Sea

Year 3 showcase of our topic - we created some fantastic learning

Rocks - We looked at the natural process of sedimentary rock. We used bread as the sea bed and choc chips, popcorn, raisins and marshmallows as the layers (strata) which created the compaction and then used jelly to represent the cementation process. The children then had to retell the process verbally as a speaking and listening exercise

We did role play and learnt what to do to keep ourself safe in an earthquake

We independently used an atlas to locate hills and mountains in the Uk

We worked collaboratively to organise reasons for living near a volcano and reasons against living near a volcano