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Draw Along Tuesdays

Choose one of the Superheroes to draw and send me your masterpiece! 


Foundation Subjects

Religion - What is a Holy Day?

The word holiday comes from holyday.  In times past the only holiday anyone had was a saint’s feast day or important feast days like Easter and Christmas.  Some days of the year are ‘holy days’, when we celebrate these special times in the Church’s year.


We have just celebrated the feast of Easter when we remember Jesus rising from the dead. 

Sing ‘Holy Days and Holidays’ from Follow Me

Think about how we celebrate Holydays - draw or write your ideas. 

Follow Me - Holy Days and Holidays.mp3


Log on to Purple Mash and click the 2Do button at the top right of the screen (red tick).

Select Challenges in the bottom right corner. 
Choose Challenge 4 to direct Little Red Riding Hood to Grandma's house.

You need to drag the direction arrows and the number of steps you wish to take into the coding bar. When you have decided on all of your directions, press play to see if your directions are correct. 
Press the Exit button - Save and Exit - Don't forget to 'Hand In' and leave me a comment. 
Happy Coding!


If you haven't ordered the planets yet, go back to last week's activity and start there. 

This week, go through the PowerPoint and complete the quiz at the end to launch the rocket. 

Try one of the Space themed crafts below. 

Space Stories For Kids | Yoga Space Adventure | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Join Jaime in space and learn yoga for kids with these incredible space stories. Turn your workout into a space adventure!

Pop See Ko 2.0 - Koo Koo Kanga Roo | GoNoodle

How do you Pop See Ko? Send a picture of your best move to Mrs Scully! Look out for mine in the Photo Gallery!

Art - Inspired by Peter Thorpe

Go through the slides of the PowerPoint to learn more about Peter Thorpe and abstract art.

Follow the instructions to create your own artwork.


Choose one of the activities from the challenge cards everyday. Ask members of your family to join in too. Which is your favourite?


Create a showcase piece of work for the end of the half term.  

Your piece of work should be about SPACE. 

You could;

  • Create a poster about one or all of the planets. 
  • Make your own Solar System using craft materials.
  • Use Lego to create a rocket. 
  • Design a new uniform for an astronaut. 
  • Make a fact file about a famous astronaut. 
  • Create a timeline about the history of space travel. 

Or come up with your own amazing idea.


Please send me a photo of your completed showcase piece by Thursday 21st May and we will have a Grand Reveal of all the 'out of this world' work on Friday 22nd May.