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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Executive Headteacher


 Mrs J Davies

Acting Head of School / Deputy Head

 Mr D Arthur








 Miss K Pegg

 Mrs D O’Boyle
 Mrs L Shaw
Mr O McEntyre 

 Mrs C Hodcroft
 Mrs L Rector
 Mrs P Armstrong

 Mrs S Scully 

 Mrs A Doyle  
 Mrs A Sheikh

 Mrs M Hunt

 Madame J Birtwistle

 Mr T Kemp

 Miss J Simpson 

 Mrs B Leigh 


Year 6

Year 5 (Mon,Tues)
KS2 Lead / Year 5 (Wed,Thur,Fri)
Year 4

Year 3 (Mon,Tues,Wed)
Year 3 (Thur,Fri)
Year 2

KS1 Lead/Year 1
Reception (part-time)/ SENco
EYFS Lead / Reception (part-time)


French Specialist (part-time)

PE Specialist (part-time)

HLTA / Rainbows

HLTA / GIFT team Leader

Support Staff

 Miss K Ormerod; Mrs J Roberts; Mrs L Hodgson; Mrs L Bentley;

 Mrs N Mortimer;  Mrs A Stansfield;  Mrs J Young; Mrs S Jackson; Mrs L Khan; Mrs Franklin-Smith, Mrs K Borrelli, Mrs L Studholme, Mrs J. Shine.





Business Manager


Admin Assistant


 Mrs D Cunliffe


Mrs H Gardiner


Site Manager


Cleaning Operative


 Mr D Fraser 


 Mrs G Lockey


School Cook 

Assistant Cooks


 Mrs S Rawlinson

 Mrs G Lockey, Mrs K Howarth.


Midday Supervisors

 Mrs B Wolstenholme, Mrs G Imison, Mrs L Studholme.


Staff Photos

Staff Photos 1 Mrs Davies (Executive Head Teacher)
Staff Photos 2 Mr D Arthur (Deputy Head / Head of School)
Staff Photos 3 Mrs Cunliffe (Office Manager)
Staff Photos 4 Mrs Gardiner (Admin Assistant)
Staff Photos 5 Mrs Hunt (Nursery Teacher)
Staff Photos 6 Mrs Sheikh (EYFS Lead / Reception Teacher)
Staff Photos 7 Mrs Doyle (Reception Teacher and SENco)
Staff Photos 8 Mrs S Scully (Year 1 Teacher-KS1 Leader)
Staff Photos 9 Mrs Armstrong (Year 2 Teacher)
Staff Photos 10 Mrs Hodcroft (Year 3 Teacher)
Staff Photos 11 Mrs Rector (Year 3 Teacher)
Staff Photos 12 Mr O McEntyre (Year 4 Teacher)
Staff Photos 13 Mrs Shaw (KS2 Lead / Year 5 Teacher)
Staff Photos 14 Mrs O'Boyle (Y5 Teacher)
Staff Photos 15 Miss Pegg (Year 6 Teacher)
Staff Photos 16 Mrs Leigh (HLTA and Pupil Chaplains Leader)
Staff Photos 17 Miss Simpson (HLTA/Rainbows Facilitator)
Staff Photos 18 Mrs Birtwistle (French Specialist Teacher)
Staff Photos 19 Mr Kemp (PE Specialist Teacher)
Staff Photos 20 Miss Ormerod (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 21 Mrs Mortimer (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 22 Mrs Stansfield (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 23 Mrs Roberts (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 24 Mrs Khan (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 25 Mrs Young (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 26 Mrs Hodgson (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 27 Mrs Jackson (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 28 Mrs Bentley (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 29 Mrs Franklin Smith (Support Staff)
Staff Photos 30 Mrs Studholme (Support Staff / Midday Supervisor)
Staff Photos 31 Mr Fraser (Site Manager)
Staff Photos 32 Mrs Lockey (Cleaning Operative/Kitchen Staff)
Staff Photos 33 Mrs Wolstenholme (Midday Supervisor)
Staff Photos 34 Mrs Imison (Midday Supervisor)