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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Executive Headteacher


 Mrs J E Davies

Acting Head of School / Deputy Head

 Mr D Arthur








 Mrs K Wilson 

 Mr D Arthur
 Mrs L Shaw
 Miss R Ponka 

 Mrs S Scully
 Mrs E Diggle

 Mrs V Dalton

 Mr O McEntyre 

 Mrs A Sheikh

 Mrs C Hodcroft

 Mrs A Doyle

 Madame J Birtwistle

 Mr T Kemp

 Miss J Simpson 

 Mrs B Leigh 

 Mrs A Stansfield


Year 6

Year 5 (Mon, Tue)
Phase 2 Lead/Year 5 (Wed, Thur, Fri)
Year 4

Phase 1 Lead/Year 3 
Year 2

Year 1

EYFS Lead/Nursery (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Nursery (Wed, Thur, Fri)

SENco/Forest School Lead 

French Specialist (Wed)

PE Specialist (Part-time)


HLTA / GIFT Team Leader / Rainbows


Support Staff

 Mrs J Roberts; Mrs L Hodgson; Mrs L Bentley;

 Mrs N Mortimer;  Mrs A Stansfield;  Mrs J Young; Mrs S Jackson;               Mrs L   Khan; Mrs K Borrelli; Mrs L Studholme; Mrs J Shine; Mrs C Jordan.





Business Manager


Admin Assistant


 Mrs J Ensor


 Mrs H Gardiner and Mrs K Howard 


Site Manager


Cleaning Operative


 Mr D Fraser 


 Mrs G Lockey


School Cook 

Assistant Cooks


 Mrs S Rawlinson

 Mrs G Lockey, Mrs K Smith


Midday Supervisors

 Mrs L Bentley, Mrs B Wolstenholme, Mrs G Imison, Mrs L Studholme,       Mrs M Warrington


Staff Photos