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Self-isolating home learning tasks are as follows:


* Daily Reading - It is vital that children have opportunities to silent read, read aloud and discuss what they have read. 

* Maths and 

* Weekly spelling work can be accessed via

* A range of activities can be accessed via

* White Rose Maths 

* The Literacy Trust has free books-.

* Read the Parish children’s newsletter and the Children’s Liturgy newsletter to keep up to date.  Could you prepare your own family collective worship? 




* Another great resource for English work can be found at are also offering FREE home learning packs. You just need an email and password to create a FREE account and then download the resources.






Bonjour !


Please see attached a quiz sheet (word doc) and PPT for a French Culture Quiz for a KS2 end of term home learning challenge!


🎉  New Maths and Spelling Shed 🎉


Please remember Year 4 I can see how many correct you are getting and how you have been spelling the word. smiley


Maths Bot

How To Draw Kids Wearing Face Masks

If we need to leave the house for groceries or other errands we wear masks to keep us and others safe. We thought it would be fun to draw kids wearing masks ...

How To Draw A Bike 🚲

Hey art friends, grab those markers and follow along with us. Austin and I are learning how to draw a bike today. After you've finished following us, be sure...


How To Draw A Summer Penguin Wearing Sunglasses And A Swimsuit

Learn how to draw a funny summer penguin wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit! 👩‍🎨 JOIN OUR ART HUB MEMBERSHIP! VISIT 🎨 VISIT OUR ...

Can you complete the Transition Booklet below for your new TEACHERS?


I know you have lots of amazing skills and talents that you want to share with them.


Do you have any questions for them? 

Bonjour !

In France, there is usually a cinema festival at this time of year which organises exciting events across the country to celebrate film!  


Learn a few facts about French cinema, watch some trailers of French films and express your opinion about them!


Amuse-toi bien ! (Have fun!)


Madame Birtwistle


W.C. 29.06.20 - Guided Comprehension




Minecraft Earth - Mega Minecraft!


App: Minecraft Earth

Download Links: Apple  Android

Access: Location & Camera (for AR purposes)


In today’s lesson:

  • Collecting tappables and increasing our inventory!

  • Creating a build plate in augmented reality!


Challenge 1

Open up Minecraft Earth and watch the world around you become Minecraft!

Sadly, we can not be together for National School Sports Week and Sports Day so this year you’ll be participating from home! And even better, your whole family can join in the fun!


This year, we have teamed up with Sky Sports to run a national campaign which will aim to unite the country - families, schools, sport and businesses - in a celebration of the power of sport to bring people together, even during isolation.


The UK-wide campaign will challenge people to take on their families, friends and neighbours in virtual sporting challenges – helping them to connect in an unprecedented period of school closures and social distancing.

It will build on the Youth Sport Trust’s #StayHomeStayActive campaign which has been supporting schools, parents and young people with daily free resources to get young people moving and enjoying the PE curriculum while at home.


Attached are activities to complete at home- the active challenges will all have an emphasis on togetherness, inclusivity and wellbeing. They will be things you can do within the home, and where you can engage in straightforward virtual competition with friends, neighbours and family outside your home.


If you post on twitter, make sure you tag us in @GA_Bury, @youthsporttrust and #NSSWtogether.

WWF Together - Jungle Creatures - Years 3 & 4


App: WWF Together


Download Links: Apple


In today’s lesson:

  • Researching animals living in the rainforest/jungle.

  • Making a fact sheet in Adobe Comp/Spark.


Challenge 1

Explore the app and identify an animal that lives in the jungle/rainforest that you find interesting and want to concentrate on!


Challenge 2

Time to take notes and create a fact sheet! Write down important bits of information about your animal, then head over to Adobe Spark or Adobe Comp to make a fact a sheet like in previous weeks. 

Bonjour !


Cross-curricular French/Art challenge!


Revise colours, learn a few facts about a French artist and learn how to draw a still life in the style of Matisse.


Email your work to your teacher or share with Madama Birtwistle on twitter and you'll receive a "Home Learning Hero" certificate.


Amuse-toi bien ! (Have fun!)


Madame Birtwistle

Guided Comprehension


How To Draw A Camping Tent - #CampYouTube Draw #WithMe

Follow along with us and learn how to draw a tent for camping! Check out our entire #CampYoutube playlist

How To Draw A Waterfall Landscape - #CampYouTube Draw #WithMe

In this lesson, we're learning how to draw a beautiful waterfall landscape! Check out our entire #CampYoutube playlist




This week we have...

Congratulations on your Player of the Season award Max!!


Still image for this video

iMovie - Olympic Origins!


App: iMovie


Download Links: Apple


In today’s lesson:

  • Recreating an Olympic sport and using iMovie to video it.

  • Adding filters


Challenge 1

Use iMovie to film yourself recreating an Olympic sport Get creative - perhaps you could dress up as an Ancient Greek?


Challenge 2

Edit your video by adding a ‘vintage’ filter to it

W.C. 16.06.20 - French

GarageBand - The Rhythms of the Jungle!


App: GarageBand


Download Links: Apple - Pre-installed on all iOS devices (Apple products). Make sure latest software is installed.


Permissions: Microphone.


In today’s lesson:

  • Composing music using different rhythms.

  • Composing music inspired by the sounds of the jungle.


Challenge 1

Compose a piece of music inspired by the sounds of the Jungle! Remember to only use instruments that ancient tribes would have had access to. No synths in this one! Think about your percussion.


Challenge 2

Add Loops to layer up your sounds, remember to make yours unique.



17.06.20 - Handwriting

17.06.20 - Maths

Learn a few fun facts about the Eiffel Tower!


Click the link to access an interactive PPT that includes a virtual visit to this world famous monument!


Amuse-toi bien ! (Have fun!)


Share a quality piece of your home learning to receive a certificate!


Madame Birtwistle

16.06.20 - Handwriting

16.06.20 - Maths

15.06.20 - Handwriting

15.06.20 - Maths

This week we...

The Magnificent Magician Finley!!

Still image for this video

French Home Learning Challenge Summer Term 2 Week 2: Madame Birtwistle is inviting you to join her on a virtual roadtrip to discover the 13 different regions of France:

Tip: Remember to click on "Slideshow" then "From beginning" in order for the hyperlinks to work!

Follow on activity: When you have finished your virtual visit, make a poster about one of the regions. Ask your class teacher to forward it to me in order to receive your "Virtual Road Trip" certificate.

Bon courage

08.06.20 - Guided Comprehension

11.06.20 - Handwriting

10.06.20 - Maths

How To Draw The Loot Llama From Fortnite

Learn how to draw the loot llama from Fortnite! Also, check out all of our other Fortnite lessons

How To Draw A Birthday Cake Tower (Folding Surprise)

Learn how to draw a birthday cake with folding! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Sharpie Markers Printer Paper http://a.c...

How To Draw A Lamborghini Aventador S (Front View)

Follow along with us and learn how to draw the Lamborghini Aventador! Join our monthly membership and download our app! You can watch our lessons in a safe d...

10.06.20 - Handwriting

10.06.20 - Maths

09.06.20 - Handwriting

09.06.20 - Maths

The Weather in Manchester


In this homework you are going to create a comparison between the weather in Manchester and two other cities of your choice. Try to choose cities that are not in the UK.. maybe they are in Europe, South America or even Australia!! 




City 1

City 2





Average rainfall per year




Average temperature (winter)




Average temperature (summer)




Average number of daylight in summer/winter throughout the year





Which is the warmest city?



Which is the coldest city?



What do you notice about the climates between the three cities?



Which city would you prefer to live in and why?

08.06.20 - Handwriting

08.06.20 - Maths

Mac The Hamster Update ❤️😍

The Manchester Ship Canal


Believe it or not, many many years ago we didn’t have planes, trains, cars or lorries to help us transport items between different places.  In 1894, the Manchester Ship Canal was opened and this was hugely important in terms of importing/exporting goods into and from the city.  Your work  is to research the canal by answering the questions below.  You may have even been on the canal without realising!


1.  How long is the canal?


2. Which cities does the canal run through apart from Manchester?


3. What sort of things was the canal used to transport?


4. What’s the name of the industrial estate that can be accessed by the canal?


5. Why do you think the canal was built?  Is there a need for it still today?

W.C. 01.06.20 - Guided Comprehension

04.06.20 - Handwriting

04.06.20 - Maths

French Challenge 1: Cook a French dish!  


Enjoy below this fun, interactive, bilingual cookbook that features 10 authentic classic French recipes for young chefs to follow (with a little help!) including starters, main courses and desserts.  Bon appétit !


I would love to see as many of your culinary creations as possible so please share your photos with me via your class teacher or post your photos on Twitter @MmeBirtwistle  


There are two different versions of the cookbook:  An interactive PowerPoint to use online or alternatively a PDF to print off with QR codes to scan.


Bon courage !

04.06.20 - Maths

04.06.20 - Handwriting

How To Fold An Origami Shirt (Father's Day Card)

How To Draw The SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule

We watched the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch this weekend! It was amazing! We thought it would be fun to celebrate this historic moment by drawing the SpaceX Cre...

03.06.20 - Handwriting

03.06.20 - Maths


Famous Mancunians!

Research five famous people from Manchester. 


Can you tell me why they are famous?


Can you find out whereabouts in Manchester (Greater Manchester) these famous people are from?


Try to get people different for famous things, so don’t list five footballers for example!


Name of Person Why are they famous? Whereabouts in Manchester are they from?



02.06.20 - Handwriting

02.06.20 - Maths

01.06.20 - Handwriting

01.06.20 - Maths

On Sunday, the Government announced that schools will reopen to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 6.


On Monday, more details were announced and the Government informed us that all primary children will go back to school for a month before the summer holidays if feasible.

As a parent / Carer of a child in our school, we would like to know your views on sending your child back to school in June. Please can you send your response back to your class teacher today.


I will be sending my child back to school before the summer holidays.

I will not be sending my child back to school before the summer holidays.

I am unsure if I am going to send my child back to school before the summer holidays.

National Book Tokens and Puffin have joined forces to launch a new writing competition for children across the UK and Ireland.


To take part, children aged six to 18 need to write a 300-word short story on the subject of “Big Dreams”. They can interpret the theme however they like; an epic fantasy inspired by a dream, their favourite book, an amazing adventure that takes place in another world, or a true-to-life story set in an imaginary school. 


The competition is open to children in three age categories of six to 10, 11 to 14 and 15 to 18.


National Book Tokens is offering a prize fund of £3,600, with each of the three categories receiving a grand prize of £200, two runners up will get £100 and 16 will receive a £50 token.


The deadline for entries is 28th May and winners will be announced on 14th June via Facebook Live during the final day of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams. The winning stories will also be published on the National Book Tokens website

How To Draw Pizza Steve

How To Draw A Bugatti Chiron (Front View)

21.05.20 - Handwriting

W.C. 18.05.20 - Guided Comprehnension

21.05.20 - Maths

 ‘Why is Manchester such a cool place to live?’ 


Research five famous buildings/monuments/museums/stadiums in Manchester and why they are so famous!


You are only allowed to have one stadium in your research of five famous buildings! 

21.05.20 - Handwriting

21.05.20 - Maths

Throughout this year we have written recipes and methods for a variety of different things including friendships and a happy world.


Can you write a recipe for how to get through lockdown? Remember to write the ingredients needed and a method. You can use any method of recording (Word, Purple Mash...)


For example you may need:-

- A bucket of patience (depending on how annoying your brothers and sisters are)

- A splash of Fortnite

- A dash of love

- 50ml of laughter

- A large slice of outdoor play


1. First, add your large bucket of patience to a mixing bowl. 

2. Add a splash of fortnite to the bowl and stir in a clockwise direction three times, no more as this will cause a lumpy mixture.

20.05.20 - Handwriting

20.05.20 - Maths

19.05.20 - Science

19.05.20 - Maths

19.05.20 - Handwriting

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

Learn how to draw a cartoon alligator! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Sharpie Markers Printer Paper

How To Draw Health Heroes - Doctors and Nurses - #stayhome and draw #withme

We are so thankful for all of the health heroes everywhere! Follow along with us and learn how to draw a doctor or nurse. Parents, you could even challenge y...

18.05.20 - Hanfwriting

18.05.20 - Maths

15.05.20 - Handwriting

W.C. 11.05.20 - Guided Comprehension

15.05.20 - Maths

French Yoga For Kids 🧘‍♀️🧘🏽🧘‍♂️🧘🏿‍♂️🧘🏾‍♀️

A mindfulness video clip that teaches young French language learners fun and easy yoga poses that honour some of the beauty and architecture of French life. ...

14.05.20 - Handwriting

14.05.20 - Maths

When Mac met Maeve..

How To Draw Jack Jack From Incredibles 2

Learn how to draw Jack Jack from Incredibles 2! Visit the official Incredibles website 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (amazon...

How To Draw Violet From Incredibles 2

Learn how to draw Violet from Incredibles 2! Visit the official Incredibles website 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon af...

How To Draw Dash From Incredibles 2

Follow along with us and learn how to draw Dash from Incredibles 2! Visit the official Incredibles website 🎨 ART SUPP...

How To Draw Elastigirl From Incredibles 2

Learn how to draw Elastigirl from Incredibles 2! Visit the official Incredibles website 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazo...

How To Draw Mr. Incredible From Incredibles 2

13.05.20 - Maths

13.05.20 - Handwriting

12.05.20 - Maths

12.05.20 - English

12.05.20 - Handwriting

11.05.20 - Science

11.05.20 - Maths

11.05.20 - Handwriting

07.05.20 - Science

07.05.20 - Maths

07.05.20 - English

04.05.20 - Guided Comprehension

07.05.20 - Handwriting

How To Draw A Cartoon Darth Vader

Today we're going to learn how to draw a cartoon Darth Vader. Also check out our cartoon Princess Leia: EMAIL A P...

How To Draw Baby Yoda From The Mandalorian

This video is not sponsored by Disney. We purchased our own subscription to Disney + and have been loving it so much. We watched the Mandalorian last night a...

06.05.20 - Maths

06.05.20 - English

06.05.20 - Handwriting

Frère Jacques

French Summer Term Home Learning Challenge Week

Follow on activity: Print this French nursery rhyme mini book to fold and decorate. It includes QR codes on each page that can be scanned with a QR code reader app to listen to each song again:

Here are instructions on how to fold a mini book:
Extra! Have a listen to the other song playlists on my YouTube channel (French lullabies, French action rhymes, Traditional French songs for children).

Amusez-vous bien ! (Have fun!)

Madame Birtwistle

04.05.20 - Science

05.05.20 - Maths

05.05.20 - English

05.05.20 - Handwriting

04.05.20 - English

04.05.20 - Handwriting

04.05.20 - Maths

What have we been doing this week?

01.05.20 - Maths

27.04.20 - Guided Comprehension

01.05.20 - English

01.05.20 - Handwriting

30.04.20 - English

30.04.20 - Handwriting

30.04.20 - Maths

Les couleurs 🎤🎼

A simple French song about colours from "J'aime Chanter" by Brilliant Publications. This song is aimed at young language learners.

29.04.20 - Maths

29.04.20 - English

29.04.20 - Handwriting

28.04.20 - Maths

28.04.20 - English

28.04.20 - English

28.04.20 - Handwriting

How To Draw A Shark Folding Surprise Puppet

Learn how to draw a shark folding surprise puppet! This is a super fun art project for any age. All you need is something to draw with, paper, and coloring s...

27.04.20 - English

27.04.20 - Handwriting

27.04.20 - Maths

Week Commencing 20th April

24.04.2020 - Maths

24.04.2020 - Handwriting

French Lesson 17 - NUMBERS 1-10 - Learn French - The French Minute Learn in one minute the numbers from 1 to 10 in french. Apprenez en une minute les nombres de 1 à 10 en francais. French Numbers Son...

23.04.20 - Handwriting

23.04.20 - Maths

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

Become an Art Club member Learn more about the art supplies we love to use

How To Draw A Realistic Tiger Head

Learn how to draw a realistic tiger head! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Sharpie Markers Printer Paper

22.04.20 - Handwriting

22.04.20 - Maths

21.04.20 - Maths

21.04.20 - Handwriting

20.04.20 - Handwriting

20.04.20 - Maths - Count in 25s

09.04.20 - Maths

09.04.20 - Handwriting

08.04.20 -Handwriting

08.04.20 - Maths

Wednesday 8th April - PE with Joe

Day 13 of my home workouts

07.04.20 - Maths

07.04.20 - Handwriting

P.E With Joe | Tuesday 7th April 2020

06.04.20 - Handwriting

06.04.20 - Maths

P.E With Joe | Monday 6th April 2020

02.04.20 & 03.04.20 - English - Famous Person


Research a famous person who lives (or once lived). Write about what you discover; this could be in the form of a newspaper, diary entry from the perspective of your chosen person, information text or leaflet.


- What were/are they famous for? They could be a sports person, scientist, writer, artist or something else!

- Who are they?

- Why are they famous?

- Do they hold any records?

- Where are they from?

- Find a picture of the person to show what they look like.

- Are they celebrated in any way? For example, is there a museum or a statue? If there is, tell us more about it.

03.04.20 - Handwriting

03.04.20 - Maths

02.04.20 - BrainBreak

02.04.20 - Maths - Counting in 1000s

02.04.20 - Handwriting

Fin’s week has been full of ups and downs and ups and downs...

Still image for this video

Harry got out and about on his scooter today!!

Still image for this video
Make sure you’re making the most of your outdoor time! Remember to have brainbreak, you must have started your work!!

01.04.20 - Helping Parents Homework

01.04.20 - RE


Send a video message to a family member you haven't seen because of the lock-down! What do you want to say to them? What do you miss about them?

01.04.20 - Maths

01.04.20 - Maths Bots

01.04.20 - English


How many different words can you make from the letters in the sentence below?


'Learning from home is fun'


Grab a pencil and write a list of all your words.

01.04.20 - Handwriting

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 1st April 2020

Day 8 of my 9am daily workouts 😀

PE - BrainBreak

30.03.20 & 31.03.20 - English - The Perfect Room 


This is a two day activity!!


Can you design and describe the perfect room to spend your time at the moment in?


Diagrams and drawings should be labelled with a description of your room. Will your room have luxurious soft carpet? A TV screen as big as a cinema? Walls that can be be used for rock climbing?


Can you draw your room from a birds eye perspective?


Extension: Can you build a model of your room?

31.03.20 - Maths

31.02.20 - Maths Bot Starter

31.02.20 - Handwriting

Max’s morning workout!! 💪💦😅

Still image for this video

30.03.20 - How To Draw A Dog / Chihuahua

“Sir can you draw me a _________ ?”

As you all know my drawing skills are absolutely amazing! Drawing animals is something we have all struggled with this year! First stop, dogs!!

30.03.20 - Can you make a den at home? Can you do your work in your den? REMEMBER, ask the adult AND tidy up after yourself Year 4!!

30.03.30 - Maths - Roman Numerals

30.03.20 - Maths Bot Starter

30.03.20 - English - The Perfect Room 


This is a two day activity!!


Can you design and describe the perfect room to spend your time at the moment in?


Diagrams and drawings should be labelled with a description of your room. Will your room have luxurious soft carpet? A TV screen as big as a cinema? Walls that can be be used for rock climbing?


Can you draw your room from a birds eye perspective?


Extension: Can you build a model of your room?

30.03.20 - Handwriting

P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020

Day 6 of my 9am daily workouts

Week Commencing 30.03.20

30.03.20 - The Mayan Civilisation Homework

Week Commencing 30.03.20 - French Home Learning

Some great work last week with lots of photos added to the gallery! Make sure you email photos of what you’re doing whether that be school work related or just something you want to share with your friends! 😁🧁🦮

What have you been up to? Have a look through the gallery and see what your friends have been doing!! Send your pictures in!

Guided Comprehension - Class Floorbook

27.03.20 - Family Friday - Using the images below can you create a piece of family artwork based around handprints? You can use pencils, felt-tips, paint (under adult supervision) or anything else you think will look good!! Remember to email me them at

There is no formal written English work today, this is to allow for a number of children in Year 4 to complete the allocated tasks on Spelling Shed and Maths Shed.


Your new spellings will go live on a Wednesday, just like they would do if you were in school. Your new Maths Shed homework will be set on a Friday, exactly the same as it has since September.


Please complete the online tasks.

Maths Bot Starter

P.E with Joe | Friday 27th March 2020

Day 5 of my 9am daily workouts

27.03.20 - Handwriting

How To Draw Captain Underpants

As there is absolutely nothing funnier than underpants. Have a go at drawing Captain Underpants!!

Send me your best effort and it might make the gallery!!

Multiplication Times table check is live on Maths Shed just for today!!

You only get one attempt!!

Make it your best!

Remember guys, your new spellings for this week went live yesterday at just before our iPad time.


Have you seen your new spellings? You may have noticed as you have a little bit more time than you would do in a normal school week and so I have increased the number of times you have have to practice them!!


I can hear some of you huffing and puffing already. Yes I'm mean. BUT if you huff and moan about it too much and I get an email to tell me you have, I'll increase it again. smiley

26.03.20 - Guided Comprehension - Day 4

Maths Bot

26.03.20 - Handwriting

25.03.20 - Can you write tenths on a place value grid?

Tenths as Decimals - Answers

25.03.20 - Guided Comprehension - Can you write a diary entry following on from our Guided Comprehension image? You can use a template from Purple Mash I have set as a 'to-do' or use Word and email me your work.

25.03.20 - Handwriting

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 25th March 2020

Day three of my 9am daily workouts

Thomas and Victoria sent me a photo of Sally, Charlie, Sam and Rose to show you after we skype’d them. They really enjoyed talking to you and answering your questions. I hope you’re using some of the information they shared with you now we are only allowed out for essential things!!

24.03.20 - Send me a picture of your funniest face! You can use filters, effects or just your great face pulling skills!! Fire your pictures over to

Funny Faces! Have you sent yours yet?

24.03.20 - I have set a Purple Mash to-do called 'Fraction Wall'. You must create a whole using different fractions. 

Tenths as a Decimal

New Maths Shed homework has been added to your assignments! 


Maths Assignment 1 - Mixture of Multiplication and Division facts for 2s, 5s and 10s.

Maths Assignment 2 - Addition and Subtraction up to 20.


These assignment should be giving you some super high and really fast scores!!

24.03.20 - Guided Comprehension - Day 2

24.03.20 - Handwriting

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of my 9am daily workouts

Some of the work completed yesterday as part of the Purple Mash Letter task!

History Research Project - Mayans

23.03.20 - Guided Comprehension - Day 1

19.03.20 - French Home Learning

We have started looking at Hundredth and Tenths in school. I will upload the answers tomorrow so there is no sneaky looks.

23.03.20 - Maths Bot Starter

23.03.20 - Handwriting Task

19.03.20 - English - Purple Mash - We have been writing letters from another perspective. Using our class book, Zoo, as inspiration we have written letters from the point of view of our pets. I have set a "to-do" on Purple Mash and uploaded a example we created as a class. Can you write a letter from the perspective of your pet or a pet you'd like to have?

Key Instant Recall Facts - Year 4