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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Executive Headteacher

 Mrs J Davies

Head of School

 Mrs C Howe


Assistant Headteacher

 Mrs N Lomax

Year 2 


 Mrs D O’Boyle
 Mrs L Shaw
 Miss K Pegg 

 Mrs C Hodcroft
 Mrs L Rector
 Mr K Knott 

 Mrs AM Lord

 Mrs P Armstrong
 Mrs M Hunt
 Mrs A Sheikh

 Mrs C Hodcroft
 Mrs G Harrison

 Madame J Birtwistle


Year 6 (Mon,Tues,Wed)
Year 6 (Wed,Thur,Fri)
Year 5

Year 4 (Mon,Tues,Wed)
Year 4 (Thur,Fri)
Year 3 

Year 2 (Maternity Leave)
Year 1
Nursery (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)

Nursery (Thur)

French KS2


Support Staff

 Miss K Ormerod; Mrs J Roberts; Mrs L Hodgson; Mrs L Bentley;

 Mrs N Mortimer;  Mrs A Stansfield; Mrs M Graham; Miss E McGarry; 

 Mrs J  Donnelly; Mrs B Leigh; Mrs J Young; Miss J Simpson;

 Mrs A Dutton.



Pastoral Care

 Mrs N Mortimer;  Mrs B Leigh;  Mrs J Donnelly;  Mrs A Stansfield;

 Miss J Simpson


Business Manager

 Mrs D Cunliffe


Site Manager

Cleaning Operative

 Mr D Fraser 


 Mrs B Edwards


Cook / Kitchen Staff

 Mrs K Taylor / Mrs G Lockey; Mrs Z Broderick;


Midday Staff

 Mrs L Bentley; Mrs B Edwards; Mrs B Wolstenholme;

 Miss E McGarry; Miss K Ormerod; Mrs L Khan;

 Ms Goucher.