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Update! June 2018
It’s almost a year since we took over plot 59 -and what a difference a year makes!We are now in the middle of the growing season and all our raised beds and pots are full to the brim with vegetables and fruit.We joined in the Diggle Lane plant sale, raising funds for tools and tomato plants!
The plot is visited regularly by classes and this week year 2 enjoyed an art lesson drawing the plants at the allotment.

Year 6 writing workshop! October 2017

Year 6 writing workshop! October 2017 1

Diggle Lane Allotment

Diggle Lane Allotment  1
Diggle Lane Allotment  2
Diggle Lane Allotment  3
Diggle Lane Allotment  4
Diggle Lane Allotment  5
Diggle Lane Allotment  6

Year 6 have been working very hard to restore the allotment .

We have painted our new gate and tidied the plot.  

Thanks also to one of our Guardian Angels' families who have kindly donated a beautiful bench!!


The children have made a start on the dinosaur garden.  We have planted bulbs and winter vegetables.  Our new bench looks lovely beside our donated apple trees, meanwhile the allotment committee have refurbished our shed and donated a new greenhouse.  The plot is looking great!