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Home Learning Ideas 15.2.19

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We will be doing a 'Space' theme after half-term. Here are some ideas that you could try with your child:

  • Read a story about space or aliens e.g. 'Aliens have underpants', 'Whatever Next' or 'The Way Back Home'.
  • Make a really dark den and use torches, fairy lights or light projectors inside.
  • Make a model rocket!
  • Practise counting back from 10, ready for take-off!
  • Create an alien using play-dough, clay or even mud!
  • Write a list of things that you would take on a space adventure.
  • Explore the website '' - find out about astronauts, planets and space rockets!



Home Learning Ideas 1.2.19

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  • We have enjoyed making our own pizzas this week. I wonder if you could help your mummy or daddy make pizza at home?
  • While there is still some snow - can you make marks or write letters from your name using a stick in the snow?
  • Find some ice outside - Find out what happens to it when you take it inside.
  • We have been learning to hear the initial sounds in words - can you find other items that start with the same sound as your name? Make a poster to be displayed in class. 

Home Learning 17.1.19

We are encouraging the children to look closely at and comment on the world around them.

Can they find the buildings in the photos when they are out and about? Please click on the PDF document below.


Local Area Buildings 17.1.19

Nursery Newsletter Spring 2019

Nursery Core Books

Come On, Daisy

Dear Zoo

Hairy McClary from Donaldson’s Dairy

Jasper’s Beanstalk

The Gingerbread Man

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Train Ride

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Where’s Spot

Hooray for Fish

Each Peach Pear Plum

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

1 Mole Digging a Hole

Ten Little Pirates

On the Launch Pad

The Very Hungry Caterpillar



Home Learning Ideas 08.12.18

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The children have been learning to identify numerals and counting by rote beyond 20!

Here are some ideas for home:

  • Share stories with numbers e.g. '1 Mole Digging a hole', 'Tales from Acorn Wood, Counting' and '10 Busy Bees.'
  • Play hide and seek, count to 20 (or 30) before seeking!
  • Go on a number hunt - look for numbers when you're out and about.
  • Time each other doing an activity by counting e.g. running from one point to another, putting balls in a bucket, stacking 10 bricks etc.
  • Play skittles - put numerals on the skittles. Play hopscotch. 
  • Play number snap!

Home Learning ideas 22.11.18


The children have been enjoying listening to and joining in with the traditional stories  'The 3 Little Pigs' and 'The Gingerbread Man.'

Here are some ideas for home:

  • Make finger puppets or stick puppets and re-tell one of the stories together.
  • Make some Gingerbread men (make sure that they don't run away!)
  • Make some 'Huff & Puff' paintings - put a blob of paint on the paper and blow the paint through a straw to spread it out.
  • Build a house with blocks, Duplo, Lego etc
  • Practise running really fast like the Gingerbread man!


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