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RE, Spiritual Development & World Faiths

At Guardian Angels’ RCPS, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus to Love, Learn and Grow.


In order that we might have life in all its fullness, our school family will:

  • warmly welcome everyone to our school as Jesus  welcomes us to the family of God. (welcome)
  • love, value and respect each other as Jesus intended and to reach out to those who need us everywhere, to make God’s world a better place. (welfare)
  • place the Word of God at the centre of all we do. (word)
  • worship the Lord our God joyfully with all our hearts.  (worship)
  • be witnesses of a Loving God, who is at the heart of all we do, by creating a happy atmosphere, lasting friendships and wonderful memories. (witness)

Religious Education

As our last religious inspection states, ‘Guardian Angels is an outstanding Catholic School.’ We are very successful in offering our children a Catholic education in a friendly and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on the fact that our children enjoy coming to school and work hard to meet the high expectations of the staff. We are a welcoming school, and collective worship- in many forms. This is a strength of the school, whilst the curriculum helps every child develop their skills and knowledge. In line with our Mission Statement, we help every child reach their potential as a child of God in a school day which is full of learning, fun and friendship.