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‘How do you know who you are unless you know where you’ve come from? How can you tell what’s going to happen, unless you know what’s happened before? History isn’t just about the past. It’s about why we are who we are – and about what’s next.’

 Tony Robinson, Actor and Television Presenter


Through studying history, children begin to understand a sense of chronology, as well as how different beliefs and cultures influenced people’s actions and lives. What they learn can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values.


In history, children find evidence, weigh it up and reach their own conclusions. To be able to do this they need to be able to research, sift through evidence, and argue for their point of view – valuable skills for adulthood.


How can parents support their child’s learning and development?


  • The children are fascinated with their own history and love to repeat stories of their own relatives and families. If you have any treasures at home, such as old photographs or heirlooms, share them with your child. If there is ever anything that would reinforce the current topic in class, please bring it in. We promise to be very careful!
  • Trips to museums, galleries, historic buildings and sites are invaluable. If you have a chance to visit one of these during the weekend or holidays, then please do so! Photographs and souvenirs are welcomed in school, so your child can share – and consolidate – what they have learned with their friends at school