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Eco Council

The Guardian Angels’ Eco-Schools scheme was established to help our children become more effective citizens by encouraging them to take responsibility for the future of their own environment. It is not about environmental excellence, it is about our school starting to look at how it affects the environment and how this is decided upon and can be managed.


Pupils take key roles in decision-making and participate in reducing the environmental impact of the school. In this way, Eco-Schools extend learning beyond the classroom and develop responsible attitudes both at home and in the wider community.


One element of the Eco-School Programme is the setting up of an Eco-Council – the driving force of the project. This is made up of pupils, staff, governors and the involvement of all members of the school community. The Eco-School committee process offers a useful model for successful communication and decision-making.

Hi! My name is Ruby and I am 10 years old. I am in Year 6 and I love to do sports, baking, art, guitar and of course try to save the environment. I want to be a Wellbeing Warrior because I really want to find ways to help our school become more eco friendly. 


Hi. My name is Ellen and I’m in Year 6. I like singing, painting and playing the guitar. I want to be an Eco Wellbeing Warrior because I love finding new ways to help the environment. I also love teaching people about the ways we can help our planet. 



Hi, my name is Grace and I love to play netball and sports. I’m in Year 6 and I’m 10 years old. I wanted to be an Eco Warrior because I love to save animals and the planet. 
Hi, my name is Emily. I love to read about animals. My favourite animal is a fox. I wanted to be in the Eco team because I would like to help out school be more environmentally friendly. 
My name is Luke and I play the drums. My favourite animals are lions and lion fish. I want to be in the Eco team because I want to teach everyone in school that it is bad to drop litter. 
Hi, my name is Esther and I like swimming. I want to be an Eco Warrior because I want to find out lots of things and learn about the environment. 
Hi I’m William and I love my family and my cat, Mary. I want to be in the Eco group because want to help save the turtles.  
Hi I’m Henry and I like chickens. I want to be an Eco Warrior because I want to save the world. 
Hi, I’m Freya and I want to be an Eco Warrior because I want to save the environment. My hobbies are art and drawing. The Eco team is about saving the environment and saving animals. In the Eco team we save the world.  

One of the advantages of taking part in Eco Council is the improvements that are made to the school environment, both in school and within the school grounds. By encouraging and supporting pupils to take responsibility for the environmental management of their school, children will develop and build a sense of responsibility for their surroundings.


Eco-Schools develop a caring school community where the ideas of others are valued and action is taken in response to these ideas. The school becomes a place to make positive changes and to make a difference.


The eco council meet to discuss eco issues and changes they would like to see around the school.  The eco council are dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who work hard to improve and develop the school for the better.