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Apps for children

Geography lends itself well to ICT, with a huge number of free resources available online, like Google Maps. If you’re using tablet technology in the classroom, blended learning is now even easy with a growing range of apps available. We’ve found ten to get you started.


Google Earth

A must for any geography class. It’s free, and it allows you to view every town, city or country in the world from the air. Street View allows you to get ground-level and see anywhere in the world close-up.

123 World Geography

Perfect for KS2 learners, this app includes countries and contents that can be coloured in by children, helping them to identify places around the world. Completed artwork can be saved and e-mailed to parents, teachers and friends.

HD Compass

Another free app, this compass works with Google Maps and Google Earth. Could be used in conjunction with learning the four points of the compass, including the north and south poles.


A great way to look at the geology of any region of the UK. Search an area by simply adding in a postcode. This would be great for field trips, or just getting out of the classroom and exploring the local area.


A chance to mix gamification with geography and ICT: this app is just 69p, but allows to children to learn about the planet, as well as test their knowledge, with a huge bank of quiz questions. Includes colourful maps allowing users to pinpoint question answers (like ‘Can you find Portugal?’)

National Geographic World Atlas

World maps with information including national flags, up-to-the-minute weather for cities and countries, plus currencies and conversions of countries.

The Guardian Eyewitness

Covers many curriculum areas as well as Geography. Includes many images from around the world, although not all of these are suitable for younger children.

Ansel & Clair’s Adventures In Africa

Perfect for KS1 and KS2 learners. As well as Geography, it covers History and Science, as two characters explore the continent. Highly interactive and popular with teachers, it includes animations, quests, puzzles and games.

GB Road Atlas

Ordnance Survey map of the UK’s road network – great for exploring road systems and learning how to read maps. Waypoints can also be added.

Collins Quiz Zone World

Great for KS2 learners and above, the Collins Quiz Zone World app allows your class to explore the world in a fun way. This easy to use quiz covers questions about landscapes, cities, flags and mountains and rivers. Suitable for KS2 learners.