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Play Leaders

At Guardian Angels’ we encourage children to develop as individuals.  One of the ways we try to encourage this is a ‘Play Leading Scheme’.  The scheme promotes children’s well-being, abilities, social skills and team work.  It also encourages the older children to organise games for the younger children, it promotes the children’s organisation, communication and responsibility skills and most importantly they all have fun! We meet on a regular basis with Mrs Barlow to discuss new games and play equipment and questions that the children want to ask.  


We are extremely proud of our Play Leaders who volunteer their time to support the younger pupils at play times. The leaders are a group of Year 4 and 5 pupils, who are on a rota basis, Y5; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Y4; Thursday, Friday. The play leaders on duty are easily recognised as they wear red baseball caps.  The play leaders play an important part in ensuring that our youngest children are able to enjoy active and happy playtimes.  For their dedication to play leading they are given extra playtimes each term. They have the opportunity to play on the play trial and the use of all the play equipment and best of all, they have it all to themselves!


The children have lots of play equipment to enjoy, ranging from hula hoops, skipping ropes, basketball, snakes and ladders, jenga, football, Frisbee Target, bean bags, bat and ball, mini stilts and more play equipment is on the way. 



Meet our play leaders!

Meet our play leaders! 1