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National Sports Week - 26th June-30th June 2017 

National Sports Week begins on Monday 26th June 2017 and as usual we will have lots of sporting activities going on!  We will update soon with all our fun fitness activities!  


Monday 26th June - Scoot Fit!

For our Scoot Fit Experience Day, there will be a track with low level ramps for children and teachers to scoot round whilst listening to music.  A disco on 2 wheels! not only will it be great fun but children are participating in vigorous exercise without realising it.  All equipment is provided (that includes scooters, helmets and ramps) but please send your child in to school with trainers and suncream applied and a sunhat!  They will need PE kit to change in to at school.


  • Sports Journals – Children can record their sporting activities each day. 
  • Walk to School – Get to school either by walking, running, scooter, cycling, skateboarding… 
  • Morning Move-It - Monday–Friday: 8.15-8.30am 
  • Mini-Marathon - Monday–Friday: Break/lunch time (As last year, children try to achieve a ‘mini-marathon’ during the week. Children record own progress.) 
  • The Daily Mile at playtime

Gymnastics Safety

As the Summer Term is near, we are hoping to spend more time playing on the field at play and lunch times-weather permitting!  We have arranged for QFirst Sports to provide children in KS1 and KS2 with a refresher course of our annual 'Gymnastics on the Field Safety Session' so the children feel confident to perform handstands and cartwheels safely on the grass!

Junior Language Challenge

The Junior Language Challenge takes place across 3 rounds.


Round 1 - March - June 2017 

Children use the JLC app to learn French by playing the games and scoring points.  At the end of Round 1, the top scorers will go through to Round 2.


Round 2 - June - September 2017

Semi-finalists learn a second language ready for live semi-finals around the UK in September.


Round 3 - September - October 2017

Winners of the semi-finals will have a month to learn their third and final language before the grand final at Language Show Live, London in October.


Who can take part?

Anyone aged 10 or under on September 2017 can take part in the JLC.  There's no minimum age limit.



Sacramental Programme

All dates and information is now under - Parents / Sacramental Programme




Please note that no jewellery is allowed to be worn in school apart from plastic studs earrings.  Thank you.


If your child suffers from asthma, please send in to class their inhaler labelled with a spacer.  Please check the expiry date.

Requests for holiday

There has been an increase in the number of requests from families to take children out of school during term time.  Due to recent court cases some parents are under the impression that is is OK to book holidays without seeking permission from the Headteacher of the school.  This is incorrect.  All requests need the authorisation of the Headteacher, prior to booking, and will always be discussed face-to-face to consider the exceptional circumstances.  At Guardian Angels we have always listened to special requests so that a respectful partnership exists between the school and families. 


If a family insists on not consulting respectfully with the school then the holiday will not be authorised, will be recorded on the child's record and may involve the child being taken off the school's roll.