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Proudly presenting the winner of our eCadet Mascot Competition!

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We’ve had some amazing entries to our eCadet Mascot competition! Thank you to everyone who took part - the winner will be announced during Friday’s Celebration Assembly!
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Design a Mascot Competition 

The eCadets challenge you to design an eCadet mascot to promote online safety to our school community. This could be a drawing, sculpture, photograph, digital art or a model. The closing date is Friday 23rd November and there will be prizes for the best designs. Good luck!

Meet our new recruits for 2018/2019!

Our amazing eCadets are our online safety experts!


They receive weekly training to promote e-safety by teaching pupils how to stay safe online, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others safety.


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We have completed our first challenge!