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Curriculum Overview

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.

The Organisation of the Curriculum

at Guardian Angels’ RC Primary School



The Mission Statement for our school says that every day will be full of learning, fun and friendship. Therefore to be true to our mission we must provide a curriculum that does exactly that. All children are precious and we strive to ensure every child has a truly positive experience whilst at Guardian Angels'.


It must be shaped around the needs of each child, be broad in its nature and be devised to equip the children to strive forward and make a difference to the world.


We want the children to be avid learners at whatever level they are at.


We want them to come to school with a hunger for learning and feeling that they have some say in what will unfold.


Therefore the curriculum needs to be planned in a consistent way. Our ideals cannot be reached if each room provides a starkly different experience and set of values. The curriculum needs to be planned as a whole experience smoothly flowing between the years.


To create a curriculum open to fun and excitement we shall plan broadly around six areas of learning. These are

  • RE and Spiritual development including cultural, moral and social development,
  • English
  • Mathematics,
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World including History, Geography and Science,
  • Creative Development including Music, Art and Creative Development ,
  • Physical Development and well being.


We must be brave enough to strive for high standards across the entire curriculum so that the children are superbly prepared for the next steps in life. We are in service to provide the best experience for the whole child and not to be limited to a narrow curriculum because of external influences.


Guardian Angels prides itself on devoting time to planning rich and exciting learning for the children. By using these areas of learning there is a natural pull towards themes and topics that we know the children love. Also, through these themes and topics, there are many opportunities for the children to take more ownership of their learning and to develop independence and confidence in many areas. The challenge for our many able and gifted children will stem from this concept. This also provides an excellent platform as we do our utmost to ensure our vulnerable children are given every chance to do as well as everyone else.


The school will focus on the early acquisition of skills in Reading and Writing, so that all children can access the broad and balanced curriculum. We are proud of how well the children can read and write from an early age as it gives a foundation for exceptional learning later on. We currently use Read, Write Inc. as a basis for our early literacy approach and Literacy and Language (Ruth Miskin) for Key Stage 2. The children will be challenged in thinking deeply about relevant issues and solving problems. In all areas the children will be expected to produce work of the highest quality!


The independence nurtured in the Foundation Stage can be built upon in a coherent and consistent curriculum. As we expect more from the children, they will benefit from the continuity that flows from whole school planning.  


There will be freedom to take the chance to focus on something of great interest and to balance the curriculum over a whole year. In KUW, History may take a focus one term and Science the next. In CD, planning a design project may require special devotion of time and resources in the short term so that each child enjoys the whole process in a focussed way, rather than wait weeks to complete their work. It is a time to open the door for a freer and more thoughtful use of our precious time!


There should be many themed days, trips, visitors, projects and topics in each year.

The curriculum should be alive!


In terms of coordinating our work all coordination will be partnered so that colleagues can reflect and support the coordination of each area. The lonely days of isolated curriculum coordination are gone. In the usual Guardian Angels' style, let us move forward as a team with trust and honesty in what we do. In this way the coordination of each area will be of the highest standard. We will share the fruits of the children’s learning in portfolios and displays so that we can plan even better activities as time moves on. The children must have a voice in what they enjoy most and what they need to learn.


Here’s to a rigorous, lively and enjoyable curriculum that is fun to learn and great to teach!


Further information can be obtained from the school office.


Curriculum Responsibility 2018-2019


  • RE - Miss K Pegg
  • English - Mrs D O'Boyle
  • Phonics - Mrs S Scully
  • Maths - Mrs C Hodcroft / Mr D Arthur
  • Science - Mrs M Hunt
  • Music - Mrs A Sheikh
  • PE - Mrs L Shaw
  • Computing - Mrs S Scully
  • History & Geography - Mrs P Armstrong
  • Art & Design & Technology - Mrs L Rector
  • Languages - Mrs J Birtwistle
  • Child Protection - Mrs J Davies 
  • Pupil Chaplain - Mrs B Leigh
  • Education Visits - Mr D Arthur