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Autumn one Rainforest Project Ideas

Below are some activities, which you may choose from, to support the work we are doing on our topic 'Rainforests' this half term. The work only needs to fill one side of A4 paper and should be written in your own words, remember to take care with your presentation. You can complete as much or as little as you wish, though if you do bring something in, you will be able to share it with the class, it will be displayed on our topic board and you may get a class sticker for your chart as a reward!
Word Count

How many words can you make from the phrase ‘South American adventure’. Three letter words or more.

Amazon Information Sharing

Create a PowerPoint presentation or leaflet on the Amazon rainforest. What interesting facts could you include that others may not know?
Model-Making - Design and make a rainforest model.

What could you use from our natural environment? How tall do the trees need to be?

Animal Creation.

Combine the features of two animals from the rainforest to create your own new animal. What name would you give it? Which features did you choose and why?

Survival Guide Make a rainforest survival guide.

Include a kit list, dangerous animals to watch out for, health and safety instructions and a diagram of how to build a shelter with labels.

Rainforest Geography

How many rainforests are there in South America? Where do you find them? Which country has the most? Why? Write a detailed account of one of them including: size, vegetation, animals, climate and population.


Let’s get Poetic!

Write a poem about the rainforest or an animal found in the rainforest. It could be a rhyming poem, acrostic or haiku.


 Flag Hunting Research all the flags of South America (12 countries).

Count and name all the shapes you can see. How many can you find?

Story Time Write an imaginative story about the life of a child surviving in the rainforest.

How did they get there? Where will they end up? What will they see? Who or what might they be afraid of?


Game Play Create your own rainforest board game.

Decide: what the track will be, number of players, adventures, obstacles, rewards, quiz questions, etc.

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